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Somerton Division

Equipment Policy

The Division has a large amount of equipment which falls into three main groups:

1.  Beekeeping equipment at the Division Apiary:  for reasons of cross infection control it is not normally possible to borrow this equipment.

2.  Our honey extraction equipment is freely available to all members but is loaned out for a small daily fee.  This service is kindly co-ordinated for us by John Spiers at Long Sutton, tel 01458 241831.

3.  Our other equipment, such as our two 3x3 metre gazebos and our 6x3 gazebo, can be borrowed for short periods free of charge when not needed for Divisional use.

Newsletter Advert Policy

Members who have personal beekeeping equipment to sell are very welcome to place a free advert in our monthly newsletter by sending the copy to the editor.  Likewise if there is equipment that you are urgently seeking you are welcome to advertise your needs.  The newsletter is an ideal platform for these purposes.  The Committee does not usually sell your equipment for you.  We also have a small number of adverts from those selling commercially and there is a charge for these adverts.

Apiary Visits - Risk Assessment

Anyone organising an apiary meeting or similar event has a duty of care to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those taking part. Formally this means doing a risk assessment. Most of this is simple commom sense but if there is an incident it is important to be able to show that the risks were assessed and that all reasonable action were taken to minimise them Somerton Division has developed Risk Assessment and Check List which they use to cover such events.

Click here to view Somerton Assessment and Check List

Somerton Honey Show - Saturday 16th September 2017 - Long Sutton Village Hall

Somerton Beekeepers would like to invite you to participate in this year's Show.  You will see from the schedule that the Allcomers' Classes have been extended thus creating more opportunities for entries.  Entry is free but the pride associated with winning priceless.  Please find the schedule, recipes and entry form below.  Good luck.

Please consider making an entry in this show.  Individuals will then be able to judge their progress against a wider selection of exhibits than has been possible before.  

Somerton Newsletters

Download a copy of our latest newsletter here

Our Library

All of the these titles are available to members of the Somerton Division. Book them and then arrange collection.

Programme for 2017

Our programme for 2017 is here

Show schedule Recipes Entry form (pdf)