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All of the following titles are available to members of the Somerton BKA.  

Arrangements for loan should be made with the Librarian, Sarah Kent - telephone 01749 670423 -

As the list is so extensive, a pdf of the library can be downloaded here





Abbott 1947 A011/1 Queen Breeding for Amateurs

Abbott 1947 A011/2 Queen Breeding for Amateurs

Abbott 1947 A011/3 Queen Breeding for Amateurs

Adam 1974 A022 In seach of the Best Strain of Bees

Adam 1987 A021/1 Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey

Adam 1987 A021/2 Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey

Alston 1987 A041 SKEPS Their History, Making and Use

Armitt 1952 A051 Bee-keeping for Recreation and Profit

Aston & Bucknall 2010 A071 Keeping Healthy Honey Bees

Atkinson 1999 A061 Background to Bee Breeding


Bailey 1981 B011/1 Honey Bee Pathology

Bailey 1981 B011/2 Honey Bee Pathology

Benjamin & McCullum 2008 B091/1 A World without Bees

Benjamin & McCullum 2008 B091/2 A World without Bees

Bent 1946 B03 Swarm Control Survey

Bill 1989 B051/1 For the Love of Bees

Bill 1989 B051/2 For the Love of Bees

Bill 1989 B051/3 For the Love of Bees

Butler 1954 B081/1 The World of the Honeybee

Butler 1954 B081/2 The World of the Honeybee

Butler 1976 B081 The World of the Honeybee


Calder 1986 C011 Oilseed Rape and Bees

Campion 2001 C021 Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

Carter 1948 C041/1 Bees & Honey

Carter 1948 C041/2 Bees & Honey

Carter 1948 C041/3 Bees & Honey

Charles 2005 C051 Somerset Beekeepers 1875-2005

Cheshire 1888 C061 Bees & Bee-keeping Vol 2

Coggshall 1995 C071 Beeswax

Cook 1986 C081/1 Queen rearing simplified

Cook 1986 C081/2 Queen rearing simplified

Cooper 1986 C131 The honeybees of the British Isles

Cotton 1970 C101 My Bee Book

Couston 1972 C111/1 Principles of Practical Bee-keeping

Couston 1972 C111/2 Principles of Practical Bee-keeping

Crane 1985 C121 World Perspective in Apiculture

Crane 2008 C123 Eva Crane Bee Scientist 1912-2007

Crane(ed) 1975 C122 Honey A Comprehensive Survey


Dadant 1990 D011 First Lessons in Bee-keeping

Dadant(ed) 1984 D012/1 The Hive and the Honey-bee

Dadant(ed) 1984 D012/2 The Hive and the Honey-bee

Dade 1977 D021/1 Anatomy & Dissection of the Honey-bee

Dade 1977 D021/2 Anatomy & Dissection of the Honey-bee

Dade 1977 D021/3 Anatomy & Dissection of the Honey-bee

Davis C 2006 D052 The Honey Bee Inside out

Davis C 2007 D051 The Honey Bee around & about

Davis C 2009 D051/2 The Honey Bee around & about

Davis C 2011 D052/2 The Honey Bee inside out

de Bruyn 2006 D061/1 Practical Bee-keeping

de Bruyn 2006 D061/2 Practical Bee-keeping

Deans 1949 D071 The Bee-keepers Encyclopedia

Dews 1991 D091/1 Breeding Better Bees

Dews 1991 D091/2 Breeding Better Bees

Diemer 1988 D101 Bees & Bee-keeping

Digges 1944 D111/1 The Practical Bee Guide

Digges 1944 D111/2 The Practical Bee Guide

Doering 1971 D121 A Bee is Born

Doering 1971 D121 A Bee is Born

Donadieu 1983 D131 Pollen in Natural Therapeutics

Donadieu 1983 D132 Royal Jelley in Natural Therapeutics

Dunning 1945 D141 The Key of the Hive


Edwardes 1947 E011/1 Bee-keeping for All

Edwardes 1947 E011/2 Bee-keeping for All

Edwardes 1947 E011/3 Bee-keeping for All

Edwardes 1947 E011/4 Bee-keeping for All

Edwardes 1948 E012 The Lore of the Honey-bee

Edwards 1907 E013/1 The Bee-master of Warrilow

Edwards 1920 E013/2 The Bee-master of Warrilow

Ellis 2004 E031 Sweetness and Light

Evans 1989 E041 The Complete Guide to Bee-keeping


Field 1989 F011 Honey by the Ton

Field 1990 F012 Honey Days

Flower 1942 F021 Bee-keeping up to date

Fraser 1958 F031 History of Bee-keeping in Britain

Free 1982 F041/1 Honey-bee Biology

Free 1982 F041/2 Honey-bee Biology

Frimston/Smith 1993 F051 Bee-keeping and the Law

Frisch 1954 F061 The Dancing Bees

Frisch 1984 F062 Bees: Their vision, Chemical Senses, & Language

Furzey 1994 F071 Beekeeping (Video)


Gordon 2007 G011 Starting with Bees

Gregg 1949 G021 The Pilosophy & Practice of Bee-keeping


Hamilton 1950 H011 The Art of Bee-keeping

Harrison 1903 H031 The Book of the Honey-Bee

Hart 2000 H041 Information Use and Improvement in the Honey-bee

Herrod-Hempsall 1947 H052 The Bee-keepers Guide

Herrod-Hempsall 1948 H051 Bee Produce Producing, Preparing, Exhibiting & Judging

Herrod-Hempshall 1943 H053/1 The Anatomy Physiology & Natural History of the Honey Bee  

Herrod-Hempshall 1943 H053/2 The Anatomy Physiology & Natural History of the Honey Bee  

Herzog 1976 H061 The Swarm

Hess 1955 H071 The Bee

Hill 2010 H102 My First Honeybee Book

Hodges 1982 H081 The Pollen Loads of the Honey-Bee

Hooper E 1983 H092 Guide to Bees and Honey

Hooper E 2008 H092/1 Guide to Bees and Honey

Hooper E 2008 H092/2 Guide to Bees and Honey

Hooper M M 1942 H093 Common Sense Bee-keeping

Howes 1979 H101 Plants and Beekeeping


IBRA Museum 2009 I011 Skeps, Tools & Accessories


James 1949 J011 Bee-keeping for Beginners and Others

Jaycox 1982 J021 Bee-keeping Tips & Topics

Johansson 1978 J031 Some important Operations in Bee Management

Jones 2010 J041 Bee-Sieged


Laidlaw 1981 L011 Contemporary Queen Rearing

Laidlaw & Page 1997 L012 Queen Rearing & Bee Breeding

Langstroth 1875 L021 The Hive & Honey-bee


Mace 1921 M013 A Book about the Bee

Mace 1952 M012/1 The Bee-keepers Handbook

Mace 1952 M012/2 The Bee-keepers Handbook

Mace 1977 M011 Practical Bee-keeping

Mace 1978 M014 The Complete Handbook of Bee-keeping

Maeterlinck 1908 M021/1 The Life of the Bee

Maeterlinck 1908 M021/2 The Life of the Bee

Maeterlinck 1908 M021/3 The Life of the Bee

Maeterlinck 1946 M022 The Life of the Bee

Manley 1946 M042/1 Honey Production in the British Isles

Manley 1946 M042/2 Honey Production in the British Isles

Manley 1946 M042/3 Honey Production in the British Isles

Manley 1948 M041 Bee-keeping in Britain

Maurer 2012 M101 Practical Microscopy for Beekeepers

Meyer 1964 M051 Microscopy on a Shoestring

Milner  M061 The Honeybee's Fingerprint (Video)

Meyer 1979 M052 Basic Bee-keeping

Mizrahi/Lensky 1996 M071 Bee Products - Properties,Applications & Apithererapy

More 1976 M081 The Bee Book

More 1977 M082 Discovering Bee-keeping

Morse/Hooper 1988 M091 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Bee-keeping

Morse/Nowogrodski 1990 M092 Honey-bee Pests, Predators, & Diseases


Norris 1965 N011 About Honey

Northern Bee Books 1988 LN02 The Bee-keepers Annual 1988

Northern Bee Books 1990 LN02 The Bee-keepers Annual 1990

Northern Bee Books 1992 LN02 The Bee-keepers Annual 1992


Owsianka 1988 O011 The Legend of the Hive


Pellett 1917 P011 Practical Queen Rearing

Powell 1979 P021 The World of a Beehive

Preston Claire 2006 P031 Bee


Ratcliffe 1949 R011 Bee-keeper's Folly  

Riches 1976 R022 Bee Keeping

Riches 1989 RO23 Honey Marketing

Riches 1992 R021 A  Handbook of Beekeeping

Root 1972 R032 ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture

Root 1973 R031 500 Answers to Bee Questions

Rounce 1990 R041 Honey from source to sale to showbench


Samson 1921 S011 Bees for Pleasure and Profit

Samuelson 1860 S021 The Honey-bee

Sawyer 1988 S191 Honey Identification

Sawyer 2006 S192 Pollen Identification for Beekeepers

SBA ? S031 An Introduction to Bees & Bee-keeping

Schofield 1973 S041/1 Teach Yourself Bee-keeping

Schofield 1973 S041/2 Teach Yourself Bee-keeping

Scott 1977 S051 Backyard bee-keeping

Seeley 2010 S171 Honeybee Democracy

Second sight  S161 An Introduction to Keeping Bees (DVD)

Simmins 1928 S061 A Modern Bee-farm

Simms 2011 S181 Hannah and the Honeybees

Sims 1997 S071 60 yrs with Bees

Sinclaire 1969 S081/1 Life of the Honey-Bee

Sinclaire 1969 S081/2 Life of the Honey-Bee

Smith 1946 S091 Down Among the Beefolk

Snelgrove 1943 S101 The Introduction of Queen Bees

Snodgrass 1925 S111 Anatomy & Physiology of the Honey-bee

Snodgrass 1984 S112 Anatomy of the Honey-bee

Stein  1986 S121 Royal Jelly

Stell 2012 S201 Understanding Bee Anatomy

Stratton-Porter 1930 S141 The Keeper of the Bees

Stuart 1947 S151/1 Bee-keeping Practice

Stuart 1947 S151/2 Bee-keeping Practice


Tautz 2009 T041/1 The Buzz about Bees

Tautz 2009 T041/2 The Buzz about Bees

Teale 1946 T011/1 The Golden Throng

Teale 1946 T011/2 The Golden Throng

Tompkins/Griffith 1977 T021 Practical Bee-keeping

Tonsley 1973 T031 Honey for Health

Turnbull 2010 T051 The Bad Beekeepers Club


Valli/Summers 1988 V011 Honey Hunters of Nepal


Wadey 1948 W012/1 The Behaviour of Bees

Wadey 1948 W012/2 The Behaviour of Bees

Wadey 1978 W011/1 The Bee Craftsman

Wadey 1978 W011/2 The Bee Craftsman

Wadey 1978 W011/3 The Bee Craftsman

Waine 1955 W021/1 Background to Bee-keeping

Waine 1955 W021/2 Background to Bee-keeping

Waring 2004 W031 Better Beginnings for Beekeepers

Waring 2011 WO33/1 Haynes Bee Manual

Waring 2011 WO33/2 Haynes Bee Manual

Waring A&C 2006 W032 Teach Yourself Beekeeping

Webb 1947 W041/1 Bee-keeping for Profit & Pleasure

Webb 1947 W041/2 Bee-keeping for Profit & Pleasure

Webster 1930 W051/1 The Book of Bee-keeping

Webster 1930 W051/2 The Book of Bee-keeping

Wedmore 1946 W062 Successful Bee-keeping

Wedmore 1947 W063 The Ventelation of Bee-Hives

Wedmore 1975 W061/1 A Manual of Bee-keeping (Haynes)

Wedmore 1975 W061/2 A Manual of Bee-keeping(Haynes)

Williams 2010 W091 Starting out with bees

Winston 1987 W081/1 The Biology of the Honey-bee

Winston 1987 W081/2 The Biology of the Honey-bee


Yates JD&BD 2002 Y016 Beekeeping Study Notes (Beekeeping Husbandry) - Purple Book

Yates JD&BD 2004 Y013 Beekeeping Study Notes (Microscopy Cert.) - Blue Book

Yates JD&BD 2004 Y014 Beekeeping Study Notes (BBKA Prac. Exam) - Red Book

Yates JD&BD 2010 Y012 Beekeeping Study Notes (Modules 5,6,7 & 8) -Orange Book

Yates JD&BD 2012 Y011 Beekeeping Study Notes (Modules 1,2 & 3) - Green Book

Yates JD&BD 2012 Y015 Beekeeping Study Notes (BBKA Basic Cert, etc) - Brown Book

Somerton Library