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Quantock Division

Beginners 2017 Programme

For 2017 we have 3 beginners courses and a Practical course.

1.  The Winter Beginners (Stage one) course starts in October and (Stage two) in January. This course is run at Brymore School 7.30 until 9.00 pm.

Jan   Tue 24  Beginners  6   7.30 pm (Brymore)


 Tue  31  Beginners  7   7.30 pm (Brymore)

Feb Tue 7  Beginners 8 - Swarm Control - Mike Sealey 7.30 pm (Brymore)


 Tue 21  Beginners 9   7. 00 pm (Brymore)


 Tue 28  Beginners 10  7.30 pm (Brymore)

2.  The Brymore School Bee club has a separate (negotiated) programme – usually fortnightly during school terms. Brymore pupils are ‘bussed’ to our teaching Apiary.

3.  The rent-a-hive group programme is negotiated to suit the bees, course members and the season. At the Teaching Apiary.

Practical course

March Sat 11  Practical 1 - Hive building  2.00 pm (Apiary)


April Sat 29     Practical 2 – Nuc’ making,

   (plus visit by South East Division) 2.00 pm (Apiary) Rent a hive start.    

May Sat 6  Practical 3  Queen raising  2.00 pm (Apiary)


June  Sat 3  Practical 4   Swarm Control 2.00 pm (Apiary)


July Sat15  Practical 5   Assessing colonies  2.00 (Apiary)


Aug Sat 19  Practical 6   Summer varroa control  2.00 pm (Apiary)


Sept Sat 16  Practical 7   Feeding 2.00 pm (Apiary)

Oct Sat 21  Practical 8   Winter  closedown (Apiary)

Drop in sessions are on the second Wednesday evening from March to October at the Apiary starting at 7.00 pm.

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