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Equipment Loan

Most of this equipment has been purchased with the financial support of the Quantock Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  (QAONB) Sustainable Development Fund, to whom we are very grateful.

All of the equipment in this list is available for free loan to Full Members of Quantock Beekeepers, subject to availability. Items are supplied with full instructions and it is a condition of the loan that it is always returned clean.

A charge may be made if it is not clean.

Get in contact with a committee member to arrange the loan.

1. Tangential Honey Extractor (Thorne’s)

Polythene, hand operated table top extractor. Takes 4 Super frames. 720 x 420  dia.

2. Radial Honey Extractor (Thorne’s)

Large Polythene hand operated extractor on stand. Takes 9 Super frames  1120 x 540  dia

3. Stainless steel tangential Honey Extractor

Hand operated, takes 4 Super frames. Separate large capacity honey tank underneath with stainless mesh to strain honey. 1000 x 420 dia

4. Cappings melter and honey liquifier (Thorne’s)

Has a thermostatically controlled heater and distribution fan in the lid. Automatically separates the wax from the honey. Is ideal for rape honey that has granulated. Can handle about 50 lb of honey. 850 x 620 dia

5. Whole hive steriliser and wax melter (Thorne’s) – Easisteam.

Electric steam generator attached to a cover which is put above the brood box to be steam cleaned. Wax from the old comb is run off. Will sterilise and clean a whole hive. Use outdoors. The heat can damage any plastic hive parts.  457  sq

6. Wax melter.

Stainless steel tank with separate electrically heated water chamber underneath for melting wax. Has a removable basket for loading. Must keep element covered with water. 620 x 320 dia

7. Stainless steel electrically heated uncapping tray (560 x 360 )

8. Wax / Honey separator (Bain-Marie)

Has 2 spouts, one for honey the other for wax. 300  dia x 160 high.

9. Unheated capping tray.

Two part polythene tray with a coarse filter to catch cappings. 760  x 460 .

10 Honey Tank.

Stainless steel Honey settling tank. 535  high x 320 dia.

10. Plastic honey strainers (2 sets)

A pair of coarse and fine honey strainers. 225 mm dia.

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