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Our Library

All of the following titles are available to members of the QBKA. There are too many to take to our meetings but you can book them and then arrange some method of collection.

Most of the good books that are needed for the BBKA assessments and exams are available.

Get in touch with the Acting Librarian on 01278 671544 or email ken@bush-cottage.freeserve.co.uk

A Manual of Bee-keeping for English-speaking Bee-keepers, 1945, E. B. Wedmore

A Manual of Bee-keeping for English-speaking Bee-keepers, ( 2 nd ed), 1975, E. B. Wedmore

ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture, 1923, A.I. and E.R. Root. (A Cyclopedia of Everything Pertaining to the Care of the Honeybee: Bees, Hives, Honey, Implements, Honey Plants etc. Facts gleaned from the Experience of Thousands of Beekeepers and Afterward Verified by the Authors).

ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture, 1962, 32 nd edition A.I. Root. (An encyclopedia pertaining to the scientific and practical culture of bees).

About Honey , 1959, P.E. Norris. (Nature’s Elixir for Health and Energy),

Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee ,1962, H.A. Dade. (The Bee Research Association).

Background to Beekeeping , 1955, Allan G. Waine

Bee Craft, 1964, British Bee Keepers Association Yearbook.

Bee World, 1982, International Bee Research Association Vol. 63

Beekeepers Folly, 1949, John R. Ratcliff

Beekeeping, 1960, John E. Eckert and Frank R. Shaw

Beekeeping , 1951, Kenneth K, Clark. (How bees live, how to look after them, Honey and wax production, Bee diseases).

Beekeeping Study Notes, 1999, J.D. Yates & B.D. Yates (BBKA Basic Certificate, SBKA Basic Beemaster Certificate, FIBKA Preliminary Certificate)

Beekeeping Study Notes, 2002, J.D. Yates & B.D. Yates (BBKA Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry)

Beekeeping Study Notes, 1996, J.D. Yates & B.D. Yates (Modules 1, 2, 3, 4)

Beekeeping Study Notes, 1997, J.D. Yates & B.D. Yates (Modules 5, 6, 7, 8)

Beekeeping Study Notes, 1995, J.D. Yates & B.D. Yates ( Microscopy Certificate)

Beekeeping Techniques, 1963, Alexander S. C. Deans

Bee-keeping at Buckfast Abbey, 1974, Brother Adam. (With a section on mead making).

Bee-keeping for Beginners, I. H. Jackson

Bee-keeping for Beginners and Others, 1949, E. L. B. James

Bee-keeping for Recreation and Profit , 1952, J. Harold Armitt. (Relating craftsmanship to the colony’s natural development and instinctive behaviour).

Bee-keeping in Britain, 1948, R. O. B. Manley

Bee-keeping New and Old,(Volume 1) 1930, William Herrod-Hempsall. - Described with pen and camera. (Please note Volume 2 was in the original Library but we have not been able to find it yet)

Bee-keeping Practice, 1947, F.S. Stuart. Bees and Beekeeping, 1975, A.V. Pavord. (Will appeal to both beginner and professional),

Bees and Honey, 1948, George A. Carter. (A guide to the better understanding of bees, their diseases, and the Chemistry of Bee-Keeping),

Bees and Wasps, 1991, Jiri Zahradnik

Bees, Flowers and Fruit, 1949, Herbert Mace. (The Story of Insect-Plant Relations).

Bees: Habits, Management, and Treatment, 1853, Rev. J. G. Wood.

Beeswax, 1981, R. Brown.

City of the Bees, 1947, Frank S. Stuart

Flowers, Janet Harvey Kelman.

Flowers for Bees, the Bee Research Association. (Month by month). Pamphlet.

Form and Function in the Honey Bee , 2003, Lesley Goodman (Probably the best book there is on bee anatomy)

Guide to Bees and Honey, 1076, Ted Hooper. (A complete handbook for the beginner and experienced beekeeper).

Home Made Wines, Syrups and Cordials , 1954, (ed) F.W. Beech. (Recipes of Women’s Institute Members).

Honey Bee – Brood Diseases, Henrik Hansen

Honey Bees and Their Management, 1945, Stanley B. Whitehead

Honey Farming, 1949, R. O. B. Manley

Honey from Hive to Market, 1963, Ministry of Agriculture. Fisheries and Food, Bulletin No. 134.

Honey from Your Garden , 1940, (ed) Walter Brett. (A Handy Guide to Beekeeping).

Honey Marketing, 1951, the Bee World. (Around the world). Article.

Honey Production in the British Isles, 1948, R. O. B.Manley

Infectious Diseases of the Honey-Bee , 1965, L. Bailey

Insect Communities, 1956, Harold Bastin

Plants and Beekeeping, 1945, F. N. Howes (an account of those plants, wild and cultivated, of value to the hive bee, and for production in the British Isles).

Practical Bee-Breeding , 1928, A. Gilman.

Queen Rearing, 1962, Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr., and J. E. Eckert

Queen Rearing, 1949, L. E. Snelgrove

Shining Hours, 1946, C. N. Buzzard

Swarming – It’s Control and Prevention, 1956, L. E. Snelgrove

Swarming of Bees, 1970, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Teach Yourself Bee-keeping, 1948, A. Norman Schofield

The Art of Bee-Keeping , 1951, William Hamilton.

The Art of Bee-Keeping , (3 rd ed) 1971, William Hamilton.

The Behaviour and Social Life of Honeybees , 1964, C. R. Ribbands.

The Bee Craftsman , 1949, H. J. Wadey. (A Short Guide to the Life Story and Management of the Honey Bee).

The Bee-Keeper’s Guide to the Management of Bees in Movable Comb, 1941, (4 th Ed), W.Herrod-Hempstall

The Bee-Keeper’s Guide to the Management of Bees in Movable Comb, 1942, (5 th Ed), W. Herrod-Hempstall

The Dancing Bees , 1955. Karl Von Frisch. (An Account if the Life and Senses of the Honey Bee).

The Glow-Worm and the Other Beetles, 1919, J. Henri Fabre

The Golden Throng – A book about bees, 1946, Edwin Way Teale

The Honey Bee , 1890, T.W. Cowan. (Its Natural History, Anatomy, and Physiology).

The Honey Bee Around and About , 2007, Celia Davis

The Honey Bee Inside Out 2004, Celia Davis

The Introduction of Queen Bees, 1948, L. E. Snelgrove

The Key of the Hive, 1945, J. M. Dunning. (The Habits and Products of the Honey-Bee).

The Life of the Bee, 1942, Maurice Maeterlinck

The Mind of the Bees, 1939, Julien Francon

The Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee, 1952, Dorothy Hodges. (A Guide to their Identification by Colour and Form).

The Practical Bee Guide, 1949, J.G. Digges. (A Manual of Modern Beekeeping).

The Spell of the Honey Bee, 1947, W. Eric Kelsey

The Story Book of Birds and Beasts, J. H. Fabre

The World of Bees, 1959, Gilbert Nixon

The World of the Honeybee , 1962, Colin G. Butler

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