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Tour a Hive

An animated view of a National Hive. See how the parts come together to make a desirable residence for your bees.

Online videos

These are intended to illustrate aspects of beekeeping that are best understood by watching experienced beekeepers

How to Guides

'How To' guides are intended to provide guidance on common beekeeping practices.

Getting Started

To get started, the basics are very modest, which makes the craft easily accessible to the novice.

Honey and Wax

Hobby beekeepers tend to concentrate on the two principal products, honey and beeswax. Learn about the different honey products.

Beekeeping Courses

Popular Introductory Courses are organised at Divisional level, and aimed at newcomers to beekeeping, and those in their first year.

Knowledge Centre

In our knowledge centre we have included a number of special feature articles on subjects related to beekeeping. You will find courses and articles, supported by online videos and downloads

These have been written and produced by members of the SBKA.

We hope you find them of interest.and would be delighted if you would like to submit an article for inclusion here.

Please contact us if you want to find our more about any of the articles, or wish to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions which are raised time and time again by people interested in beekeeping. See the most common one here

Life in a colony

Learn about the natural behaviour of a colony of bees, the types of bees in a colony, and how they produce new colonies

BBKA Certification Exams

A pictorial representation, produced by Bee Craft to show the exam path to the BBKA Master Beekeeper Accreditation.