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How To Guides

Welcome to our selection of 'How To' guides. These are intended to provide guidance on common aspects of beekeeping.

We hope that they will serve as a reminder of the topics covered during introductory and beginners classes to those new to the craft, such as how to prevent swarming - a frequently asked question.

We've also included some more advanced topics, such as preparing honey and bees-wax for shows and market. We hope these will be of use to beekeepers in their second or third years, after they have mastered the basics and are wanting to branch out into the challenging world of showing the produce.

Whilst these guides offer practical help and advice they are by no means a definitive manual of beekeeping. We would always advise getting hands on experience by joining a local division and learning with experienced members. See Our Divisions HERE

The guides are available as a handy downloadable pdf version via a link at the bottom of each guide.. Some of these topics are also covered by on-line videos, which will hopefully help to bring the discussion to life.

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How to prevent swarming

How to Find the Queen

How to Harvest the crop

How to Move Bees

Prepare Beeswax for sale

How to Re-Queen a colony

Preparing to Show

Preparing for Winter

Prepare Honey for Sale

How to take a swarm

How to unite colonies

How to control swarming