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Frome Division – Beginners Course 2017

The SBKA Frome Division (FBKA) is running a course for a maximum of 12 people interested in traditional Beekeeping and an intention of keeping their own bees. The course is mainly theory with some practical support where possible. It will be supplemented in the spring with practical sessions in member’s apiaries. A mentor or membership of a local beekeeping sub-group may be offered to those wishing to proceed.

The syllabus for the course is below. Subjects will be presented by experienced beekeepers who are members of FBKA and are volunteering their time.

The course will be over 6 sessions on consecutive Wednesday evenings starting on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

Frome ASDA Supermarket has made their Training Room available for the course. It is intended that each session will start at 7:15 p.m. and will last for up to 2 hours. There will be a comfort break during each session when coffee and tea and biscuits will be available.

The required reference book will be supplied by FBKA and students will be awarded Associate membership of FBKA as part of the course fee. This makes you eligible to attend future educational, practical and social meetings. Protective clothing and any necessary beekeeping equipment will be loaned by FBKA for practical sessions and you are advised not to spend money on protective clothing or any other beekeeping equipment until after the early practical sessions in the Spring.

The fee for the course is £60 per person which helps support FBKA. There will be a reduction of £10 if you already have the required reference book and a further £5 if you are already a member of FBKA.

If you are interested please contact the course coordinator:

Norman Elmer, 20a Roddenbury Close,  Frome, Somerset, BA11 2AS, Tel 01373 466495

Email:  elmer@roddenbury.co.uk.  Cheques should be made payable to “SBKA (Frome Division)”

Please ask if there’s anything else you wish to know. Course syllabus

Session 1


  General introduction

  What is a honeybee

  Importance of beekeeping

  Local and National support


  The Queen, workers and drones

  Division of labour within the hive

  Individual life cycles

  Pollination, nectar and honey

Session 2

The bees’ nest

  Hive components


  Other equipment

  Practical making frames

  Origins of bees

  Honey hunting, skeps, Langstroth

  WBC, Smith, National & Nucleus

 Session 3

  Preparation for winter

  Spring management, inspections

  Summer build-up, harvesting

  Wax, propolis and pollen

  Selling honey

 Session 4

  Queen rearing

  Mating process

  Marking and clipping

  Reasons for swarms (causes, natural history, primary and casts)

  Swarm prevention (Artificial swarm)

  Swarm Control

  Swarm collection


Session 5

  Healthy Brood & Hygiene


  Brood diseases

  Adult diseases


  Film (The Honeybee)

Session 6

  Setting up an apiary

  Getting your bees/what happens next?

  Sources of equipment and clothing

  Statutory requirements

  Association membership

  Practical Beekeeping Groups/ Mentors

  Further Reading

  Review of the course, questions and comment

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