Benefits of membership

Each Division is responsible for organising its own programme of events, and for its own finances, which includes setting annual subscription rates.

The County Association is managed by a Council, which is made up of elected officers, and delegates from each Division. Most counties across the country have a Beekeepers' Association, and all these County Associations are affiliated to a national body, The British Beekeepers' Association, from which Government and European organisations can be lobbied.

The British Beekeepers' Association organise national events such as the Annual Beekeepers' Convention, held at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, and the Somerset Beekeepers' Association organises county events such as the Annual Lecture Day, and beekeeping courses. Most of the activity however, takes place at Divisional level, and usually includes beekeeping demonstrations in the summer, and lectures and social events in the winter.

Advantages of membership.

Contact with other beekeepers.

Discounted prices on equipment.

Advice and assistance from experienced beekeepers.

Free access to beekeeping library.

Free lectures and demonstrations.

Hire of honey extractor.

Contact with DEFRA and BBKA.

Beekeeping courses for beginners.

Brood disease insurance.

Comprehensive insurance including Public Liability insurance.

Microscopic examination of bee samples.

Access to honey shows.

Regular Newsletters with constant update of information.

Swarm directory.

Disease diagnosis and advice.

Free Year Book with a list of Somerset members.